Camel Trekking with a Nomad Guide in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

It is an epic undertaking to traverse the Sahara from Mauritania through Mali, Niger, Chad, Morocco and Egypt. You need supplies, a nomad guide and camels besides courage. However, it is possible to spend a couple of days on the ship of the desert in the company of a nomad and enjoy the ultimate Sahara desert camel trek experience.

Camel trekking excursions – Moroccan Sahara Desert

Join a camel trek tour

It is better to arrive at M’hamid where the roads end and the Sahara begins but then, if you pick Sahara bliss camel trekking excursions you can join the tour at Ourzazate or Marrakech and be driven all the way down to M’hamid for your rolling camel ride on the dunes leading to Erg Ezzahar. You could, of course, drive down to the edge of the desert and ride a camel for an hour or so but it is not the same as a day-long camel trek that takes you to Erg Ezzahar and then Sidi Naji where you can set up camp for the night.


That the owners of Sahara Bliss accompany the trek makes it all the more interesting but nomads serving as guides are even more important. They know the desert and camels. It is easy to get lost in the desert but not when you have a nomad to guide you and take you from one point to the other in time and by the shortest route. Nomad guides have spent almost all their lives in the desert and know it like the back of their hand. Besides, when you spend a whole day with the nomad guide you learn about their lives and customs too. He makes sure you are comfortable on the camel and if you choose to walk he is there to give you helpful hints. Your nomad guide is your lifeline. He takes care of setting up the tent, starting a fire and cooking the evening meal.


A four day camel trek Morocco based will take you to the ideal locations of the screaming dunes Erg Ezzahar, Sidi Naji shrine dedicated to the saint and then across a typical Hamada or a stony rock area and then to another area of beautiful sand dunes, Erg Smar.

Why camel trek for 2-3 days?

One day is just not sufficient to get into the rhythm. The first day on a camel can leave you with body aches due to the motion of the animal. However, the second and third days become more enjoyable. You begin to appreciate the vastness and desolate beauty of the dunes and be pleasantly surprised to find pockets of habitation. A leisurely camel trek gives you the chance to ride the camel, walk when you feel like it, stop to do a bit of sandboarding and then enjoy the carefree night under the stars eating nomadic food and roughing it out.

It is a good idea to cover yourself from head to foot to avoid effects of the sun and also carry protection against the cold nights. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Sahara Bliss could take you to Erg Chebbi if you wish to stay in a hotel and enjoy a brief camel ride but Erg Chigaga and Erg Ezzahar are more interesting as you will find.

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How to Have The Best Sahara Desert Tour Morocco

One good way to escape the cold of Europe and North America is to travel to sunnier places. Morocco and the Sahara can be the most magical destinations: The country and its culture are warm and wonderful, a world apart from western culture.

Desert Camel Sand Pyramid Dry

Picking the right tour operator

Some tour operators simply leave it to inexperienced guides to organise the Sahara desert tour Morocco but it pays to choose experienced and reliable tour operators like Sahara Bliss. Company owner Aissam is from a long lineage of Tuareg nomads. He organises the tours in the Sahara from his experience of living the desert nomad life for fifteen years and fifteen years experience as tour guide and tour operator. You get so much more when you join Sahara Bliss desert tours. What does the tour operator offer? Look for an all inclusive arrangement in which the operator arranges the tour guides/driver, transport, accommodation, excursions and food. These travel packages give you the maximum freedom to just sit back, relax and enjoy the magical experience of your personal custom-made desert tour.

Morocco road

Marrakech or Ouarzazate?

You could sign up for a Sahara desert tour starting from Marrakech or from Ouarzazate. The difference is the driving distance and time. Of course, if you start from Marrakech you get to drive across the scenic High Atlas Mountains and then the 3, 4 or 5 day Sahara desert tour Morocco that Sahara Bliss offers would be recommended. Fly into Ouarzazate and you cut down driving time to Zagora and Mhamid since Ouarzazate is located halfway across the route. The big advantage of booking a custom tour is that you can spend more time at interesting places on your way to the desert such as Zagora, Tamegroute and Tagounite before arriving at Mhamid. Another option from Mhamid is to travel deeper into the Sahara to the impressive Erg Chigaga dunes.

Atlas Mountains
Atlas Mountains

Destinations you don’t want to miss

Even a fortnight would be too short to visit all the recommended wonderful places. An extended five day tour will give you plenty of time to visit Ait Ben Haddou, the quintessential kasbah, the beautiful Dades Valley and the Rose Valley. Merzouga is from where your camel trek starts to Erg Chigaga. The Erg is where you truly enjoy the Saharan experience. Of course, there are other places to explore like the oasis area around Zagora.. Fes is also a must-see city when visiting Morocco since this imperial city embodies the culture and history of the country. Sahara Bliss offers 3 – 5 day desert tours between Marrakech and Fes. These tours are the perfect opportunity to explore both impressive ancient cities with a stay-over in the Sahara in between.

Mosque Marrakesh Morocco Moroccan

Things to carry along

  • Travel light. With Sahara Bliss there is no need to take along foods and tents.
  • Make sure to wear loose fitting full body covering to protect against the sun and sand.
  • Do wear protective sunglasses, sunscreen and something to cover your head against the sun. 
  • Keep a bottle of water at hand along with light refreshments. You could pack in common medications and small tools like a torch.
  • Carry a small bag with you for your passport, valuables and camera.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable for walking.

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Things To Do On Your 3 Day Marrakech Desert Tour

Escape from the chill of North America and Europe and fly to Marrakech. Go on a Sahara desert tour for 3 days of sheer bliss in the nice warm and dry climate of the Sahara. Three days will seem far too short at the end of it because there are lots of things to do.

Marrakech Desert Tour

Crossing the High Atlas Mountains

Join Sahara Bliss for your Marrakech desert tour 3 days that starts with a drive across the High Atlas Mountains over the Tizi N’Tichka Pass. This adventurous drive takes you over precarious drops and hairpin bends, and knows that you are completely safe in the hands of the professional Sahara Bliss drivers. Enjoy the stunning views of impressive mountains with small Berber villages in between. Visit one of these villages along the way for a walk and a talk with locals, while enjoying their delicious local food.

High Atlas Mountains

After the adventurous drive through the Atlas you arrive at Ait Ben Haddou. Visit the ancient buildings and houses of this UNESCO world heritage site, climb to the highest point, enjoy a delicious local lunch or tea ceremony and then proceed onwards to the Draa Valley. Stop here and go for a walk between the towering cliffs. Climb some way up to know the feel of the land and take photos. The scenery is just awe inspiring. You get to Zagora by evening. Walk around to explore the old city ruins, especially the Roman ruins of Volubilis if you have the time or walk in the local market, the biggest souk in the region. You could just as well walk in the oasis. Go for the nomad travel experience and opt for a tent stay for the night. Enjoy delicious local desert dinner and music entertainment around the bonfire with stars twinkling above your head.


Fun in the sand dunes

The next day you arrive at the small desert village M’Hamid and the Erg Lihoudi dunes where the desert experience starts, perhaps the best part of the Marrakech desert tours 3 day experience. There is plenty to do.

  • Ride a camel to get to Erg Chigaga. It is your first time. Getting into the saddle can be hilarious. Quite a few tourists tumble off until they get it right. The camel then rises to its feet and then sets off with a swaying, rocking motion with you holding on for dear life.
  • When you do get to the Erg Lihoudi dunes you might have access to quad bikes for rent. Enjoy a wild ride through the dunes while being showered by the sprays of sand that the vehicle throws up.
  • If that is not available you could always try to hire a sandboard and go sandboarding on the dunes. Go fast downwards and climb the dunes again for the next round of fun.
  • Enjoy a sandy spa. The right way to do it according to the locals is to bury yourself in sand up to the neck and enjoy the warmth. Just 10 minutes can work wonders for you.
  • Walk and climb the highest sand dune. Do it in the evening just when the sun is about to set to enjoy the magical play of sunbeams over the desert before the day transforms into the starlit night.
  • Go back to the bivouac camp and help the cook to build a campfire to prepare your delicious tajine dinner in desert-style. Enjoy your dinner in the open air surrounded by starlight and sand dunes.
  • Once you finished your desert dinner enjoy the relaxation of stargazing while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire. The usually quite clear star skies in the Sahara will be one of your most impressive memories of this desert tour.
sahara desert tour

Once you wake up from a good night rest in your own comfortable nomad tent, enjoy the sunrise over the sand dunes and the desert breakfast before you leave the Sahara. Once you leave the sand dunes behind you will probably feel like it would have been better to stay for at least a week in this magical part of nature. Next time make sure you do.

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Top Places to Visit in 3 Day Tour from Marrakech to Fez

If and when you do get down to touring the Sahara in Morocco you have various options on the routes you can take and the duration. One tour that is highly recommended is the Sahara Bliss Marrakech to Fez trip. You traverse a varied landscape and visit quite a few interesting places during the 3 days tour.

Morocco, Marrakesh city

Rose Valley

Join the Sahara Bliss 3 day tour from Marrakech to Fez and the first place you will visit is the beautiful Rose Valley between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. This valley is famous worldwide for its abundance of roses that provide the best ingredients for delicious rose oil and rose water. This luscious valley is an enchanting world. Roses grow everywhere and in abundant profusion they fill the air with their heady perfume and transform the landscape into a sheet of pink, red and green.

Rose Valley

Dades Valley and Merzouga

The Dades Gorges come as a surprise after the lush green landscape of the Valley of Roses. It is barren. Stones carved by streams of water  of the river Dades line the gorges. Barren as it is, the multihued rocks are truly mesmerising as you continue to Todra Gorge, another deep gorge carved out of the river. Finally you arrive at the settlement of Merzouga, which is one of the few places with large underground water reservoirs in the Sahara. From here you get on to camels and trek to the Erg Chebbi dunes to arrive in the desert bivouac camp for the night. Here you will be welcomed with a traditional tea ceremony and delicious dessert diner. Enjoy the stars above your head as you relax around the bonfire, before you enjoy a good night rest in your comfortable nomad tent surrounded by nothing but stars, sand dunes and silence.

Dades Valley and Merzouga

Camping in the desert

Wake up early the next morning to see the gorgeous colors of dawn as the sun rises over the Sahara, coloring the sky and landscape with gold, pink and orange hues. Take an early morning walk through the sand dunes, photograph the morning magic around sunrise and enjoy a delicious dessert breakfast before you return to Merzouga.

Camping in the desert


Compared to the small villages and kasbahs, Erfoud is a relatively large town with several districts. Erfoud is where several Hollywood films were shot and its topology reminds one of Mars, which is why it is also a research site. Take a walk around and then drive through the valley of Ziz. Thankfully it is green and full of deep rifts as well as date palms. The road takes you over the Atlas Mountains through the ski resort of Ifrane and then the cedar forest of Azrou.



Today is your final day of the 3 day tour from Marrakech to Fez. Fez or Fes is the second largest city in Morocco, situated northeast of the Atlas Mountains. Because of it position at the crossroads of important trade routes it is cosmopolitan in nature and home to various ethnic groups. Your friendly personal tour guide will tell you more about the history of the place and its most impressive attractions. For instance the Jewish quarter dates back to 1438 and is definitely worth a visit. The Ville Nouvelle or new city is typical French in flavor. A visit to the Medina of Fez is obligatory, an area where you will also find the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum of Moulay Idris II and the Qarawiyyin University – be sure not to miss this World Cultural Heritage site.


This desert tour connects two of the most visited cities in Morocco. Let us take you from Fez to Marrakech, or other way around from Fez to Marrakech. On our journey we will move through all of the beauty and diversity that the Moroccan nature has to offer us. We take you from the apricot colored sand dunes of Erg Chebbi by Merzouga to the tall gorges at Dades Gorge, the luscious date palm oases around Ouarzazate and of course the impressive Atlas Mountains.

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Magical Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Marrakech with Sahara Bliss

The Sahara in Morocco has a kind of beauty you will not find elsewhere. It is also warm and sunny in winter time in contrast to Europe’s freezing cold winters. So, escape the cold and dive into another world by going on a Sahara tour from Marrakech.

Desert Tours from Ouarzazate

Sahara Bliss Marrakech Sahara Tours

Sahara Bliss Marrakech Sahara Tours

The right tour operator does make all the difference to your Morocco Sahara desert tours. Sahara Bliss Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech are conducted by Aissam and Janna who are co-owners, founders and operators leading a team of local guides to offer you the finest experience. Pick from the most popular offerings that include three- to five-day Sahara Desert tours from Marrakech and desert tours from Marrakech to Fez and also two- to five-day desert tours from Ouarzazate. It is the experience the tour operators offer that makes all the difference. The places you visit in their company take on a new color and meaning. Other tours by other operators may go the same route but what you do and see in the company of Janna and Aissam and their excellent local guides stays fresh in your minds.

Marrakech Desert Tours 3 days

The Sahara + Kasbah Tour

The Sahara + Kasbah tour typically lasts for 4 days but you can ask for a custom duration. You cover kasbahs which is the local word for settlement and that includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ait Benhaddou. This famous fortress-like medieval building will give you a glimpse into ancient Amazigh and Berber life and culture. Next destination is the Valley of Roses. This luscious green valley is during Spring time covered with an abundance of rose blossoms. With the annual three-day Rose Festival the abundance of roses is celebrated. After the three-day celebration the roses are harvested and transformed into the most luscious rose beauty products that Morocco is famous for. Next destination are the otherworldly rocks of Dades Gorges. These gorgeous sandstone and redstone rocks and cliffs will simply enchant you as the almost lunar landscape that they form together.

The desert experience

Long before the first ancient kasbahs were built as settlements in the valleys, the ancestors in the desert already lived their nomadic lives surrounded by stars and sand in the Sahara. Some of them used to cross the entire Sahara on camels with their caravans. Get a glimpse of this nomadic experience by spending some days in the Sahara. Your drive through the beautiful mountain landscapes ends on the edge of the Sahara with golden sand and blue skies. Get on your camel and ride over the dunes towards the place to set up the camp for the night under an orange-golden sky. Then it is time to light a fire and prepare the typical desert dinner for the night. Eat and enjoy the infinite stars above the Sahara dunes before you fall asleep in your nomad tent. Have a restful sleep surrounded by the infinite vastness of stars, sand and silence in the Sahara. Wake up to see the sun climbing the sand dunes in a magical sunrise and prepare for another day of experiencing the journey through the desert landscapes.

Morocco Desert Excursions
Erg Chebbi | Morocco Desert Excursions

The ever changing beauty of Morocco

That a desert tour not only consists of visiting sandy places is something you will experience on the Marrakech-Fez tour. From Merzouga the drive continues to Efroud where we will enter a radically different landscape. The Ziz valley is luscious and green, lined with an abundance of date palms. From here the drive leads you to the Middle Atlas Mountains where we pass Ifrane, a ski resort during winter time, after which we head to Azrou with its dark green cedar forests. Morocco is a land of contrasts and Sahara Bliss guides you through the most colourful variations of beauty that this place on earth has to offer you. Enjoy this unique experience with one of the Sahara Bliss Morocco desert tours from Marrakech.

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Tips on What to Pack for Desert tours from Ouarzazate

There are several ways to start your Sahara desert tour in Morocco. You can fly into Marrakech or Ouarzazate and from this latter city get ready for a beautiful half-day-long drive through versatile landscapes to reach M’hamid or Merzouga, two popular places to enter the real Sahara desert. Before you set off on a two to five days Sahara tour, there are things you should know and pack accordingly. Be well prepared for a truly enjoyable tour through the magical Sahara.

Desert tours from Ouarzazate

  Things to know

  • Join the right tour operator like Sahara Bliss for desert tours from Ouarzazate. Your personal tour will be carefully composed according to your unique travel wishes by Aissam and Janna. They have fourteen years of experience in organizing truly magical tours for thousands of happy customers. They employ the best local guides who love to share the beauty of their country and culture with you. If you have any specific food preferences let them know so they can carry the most appropriate provisions for you.
  • If you plan to go trekking through the beautiful nature then it can be physically demanding so be sure to start in a good condition.
  • Have an environment-friendly attitude, so we can preserve the beautiful nature for our future generations.
  • Also during winter days it can be warm and sunny in the desert. The winter nights can be quite cold in the Sahara so you must know what to pack. Off course all tours include lots of cosy blankets to keep you warm during chilly nights.
Ouarzazate Desert Treks
Ouarzazate, the historic and famous backdrop

  What to pack

  • Clothes: Be sure to bring both light and airy clothes, like cotton full-sleeved shirts and trousers – and also more tough-durable trousers or loose fit jeans that will come in handy during your camel rides. The sun rays can be intense in the desert especially during your extended camel treks. Make sure to dress from head to toe to avoid sunburns. For the colder nights you might bring an extra jacket or wool sweater to keep you warm. Carry an extra scarf or wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from sand, wind and sun.
  • Shoes: Take along comfortable and durable canvas or leather shoes. And don’t forget to bring some extra socks to comfort your feet during hiking and climbing the desert dunes.
  • Sunscreen: Take along plenty of sunscreen with high SPF to prevent sunburns.
  • Medicine kit: Include some ointments for scrapes and bruises and anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic tablets. Just in case.
  • Wear dark polarized sunglasses and keep an extra pair of sunglasses handy.
  • Water: Your guide will advice you on how much water you need for the amount of days of the desert trip. It will be helpful to always have your own 2 liter water bottle with you in your backpack. Make sure to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water!
  • Foods and snacks: Food is included in all Sahara Bliss desert tours and taken care of by your personal guide. Still, you may like to pack in high energy and high protein stuff that does not spoil quickly like dates, dried figs, nuts and biscuits.
  • Electronics: If you bring along your electronics, make sure to also bring some spare batteries for your camera and other devices. A small solar panel charger might come handy in the desert. A small LED lantern is another good thing to carry along.
  • Ladies: Carry a small bag inside your backpack for your essential makeup stuff like moisturizer, sunscreen and lip salve.
  • Sleeping bag: Sahara Bliss provides the tents, mattresses, blankets and everything else you need for a good night sleep. If you prefer your own sleeping bag this might come in useful for extra warmth during the desert nights.
  • Toilet paper: Carry a small roll. It can be helpful in more ways than one.

Lastly, travel light with just one backpack you can carry with ease. Leave out all non-essentials especially when you go on camel treks in the desert. However, know that the desert treks include extra camels to carry your luggage and water so you can just enjoy the magical desert without heavy weight!

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Sahara Bliss Camel Trekking Excursions

You have read about it. You have seen it in movies. A caravan of camels strung out on the dunes against the desert sky looks so romantic you feel like trying it out. You can. Join Sahara desert trekking tours organized by Aissam and Janna. Each is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in desert craft as well as in offering a rich experience for a magical time in the Sahara. Simply join their camel trek Morocco.


Erg Chebbi | Marrakech Tours to Sahara Desert

M’Hamid The Start Of The Sahara Camel Treks Arrive in M’Hamid, a small desert village 98 kilometers from Zagora to join the tour for your camel trekking excursions. M’Hamid is where the Sahara begins. You can drive in to this place from Ourzazate or from Marrakech and arrive in this village. You can join the tour at Ourzazate itself and have an enjoyable road trip. The real fun starts at M’Hamid. The village has a thriving population of Berbers, Hassani and drawa tribes scattered around the oasis. You can explore Nkhal and Sidi Naji in the company of guides drawn from these nomadic tribes and set up camp.


Erg Chebbi | Camel trekking excursion

Beautiful Days In The Desert:

Day drawns crisp and cool and today is when you explore the Hamada or rock desert on camel back. The swaying motion could remind you of the movement of a ship on the ocean. After a time you get used to it and eventually arrive at the Screaming Dunes known locally as erg Ezzahar. The sunset is a veritable feast for the eyes and another more solid tagine dinner awaits, prepared by your guides. On the way you get excellent information about this place from Aissam. You will be glad to stretch out and rest your aching bones so thoroughly shaken up by being on camelback for such a long time.


Erg Chebbi | Camel tours in Morocco

Sunsets and camping in the dunes

The next day takes you further into the desert to Ldhibate in Erg Smar, a scene that could be straight out of a science fiction movie. You know what it feels like to be in the vastness of the desert with nothing but dunes for miles. Were it not for expert guides it would be easy to get lost. Watch the sunset. It is a truly magnificent sight and a reward for your endurance. A hearty meal and stretching out under a canopy of stars is the perfect way to end the day.


Erg Chebbi | Morocco Sahara Desert Tours From Marrakech

All good things come to an end with the promise of more

The last day takes you to Bougarn which is dune country. The undulating almost red-brown sand dunes present a sight that is bound to leave you speechless. It is just too stunning for words. Just sit on a dune and watch the sun sink below the horizon casting interesting shadows across the dunes and then the sky turns crimson gold, a heavenly experience to cherish.  The next day will be relatively uneventful in comparison as you take a side trip to Lbour and retrace your steps to M’Hamid. The desert camel excursion is more than just a ride into the desert; it could be a journey of self discovery too provided you join the right camel tour organizer like SaharaBliss.

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Exciting Moroccan Sahara Desert Tours

The Sahara has its visitors so much beauty to offer. From dawn to sunset and from night to day the desert will surprise you each time with new pleasant views. One of the best ways to explore the Sahara is to start from Marrakech or Ouarzazate. This journey will be an experience to remember if you have the right tour organizer and guides by your side for the desert trip in Morocco.

Morocco Sahara Tour

Making each trip a memorable one

Your hosts Aissam and Janna are well known for their exciting Moroccan Sahara desert tours. Join them and each moment of the Sahara trip will be one to cherish. Your guide Aissam will be the friendliest, knowledgeable and helpful companion you will meet. His passion is to make every journey a memorable one to give his guests the most special travel experience. So if you travel with Sahara Bliss your Moroccan Sahara desert tours will definitely be an unforgettable and enjoyable time.

This is where the excitement starts:

A good way to start is to fly to Marrakech from where your personal guide picks you up. From here you drive across the High Atlas Mountains and over the Tizi n’Tichka pass for a visit to Ait Benhaddou, the most famous Kasbah or Ksar of Morocco and an UNESCO World Heritage site. Finally, you arrive at Ouarzazate. Depending on your schedule and wishes you can also choose to go directly to Ouarzazate and start your personal desert tour from here.

Everything is taken care of by your professional and friendly tour operator

Enjoy a good night’s rest before heading into the Sahara: wake up early, enjoy a hearty breakfast and join the waiting tour guide for the drive to Agdz and the Dra’a Valley. The drive takes you on an ancient caravan route all the way to Zagora with enough breaks in between to enjoy the breathtaking views of mountain landscapes transitioning into the desert. When you arrive at M’hamid you will see that this is where the real desert and sand dunes start.

Sahara Desert Tour Morocco

Enjoy the magic of the Sahara

Your camels are waiting to take you over the sand dunes deeper into the desert. Change your car seat for the back of the camel and enjoy the bumpy ride to the highest dune. Wherever you look, you are surrounded by a sea of sand with graceful dunes all around. Wait for magical moment of the sunset that paints the endless sand dunes with its golden light. This glorious sight will get even better as the crimson gold dusk gives way to inky blue darkness and the first stars appears above your head.

When you arrive at the bivouac with Nomad tents you will be warmly welcomed in the Erg Lihoudi dunes with a traditional tea ceremony. Enjoy the silence, sand and stars around you while a delicious meal from the rich local cuisine is being prepared for you. Enjoy the soundtrack of the desert through local music as a perfect way to end the day.

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech

Wake up to the glorious sunrise over the Sahara

The next morning around sunrise the desert air is still deliciously cool and crisp, just right for a breakfast and a trek through the dunes. Say goodbye to the camels to enjoy a drive through the “hammada” (stone desert) to Tamegroute to view the pottery works. Tamegroute pottery consists of a thousand shades of green, unique to this region. Maybe you would like to buy a souvenir? Your guide helps with the bargaining. Have a walk around the village to talk with the locals. Then it is time to go on to Kasbah Tamnougalt to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ancient Berber tribes. Afterwards, enjoy the drive over the Tizi-n-Tinfifite pass to Ouarzazate.

After finishing this adventurous journey it is not just the Saharan scenery that will stay with you. It is the way you have received treatment like a royal by your guides that will leave you with a warm glow inside and a lot of beautiful memories.