Camel Trekking with a Nomad Guide in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

It is an epic undertaking to traverse the Sahara from Mauritania through Mali, Niger, Chad, Morocco and Egypt. You need supplies, a nomad guide and camels besides courage. However, it is possible to spend a couple of days on the ship of the desert in the company of a nomad and enjoy the ultimate Sahara desert camel trek experience.

Camel trekking excursions – Moroccan Sahara Desert

Join a camel trek tour

It is better to arrive at M’hamid where the roads end and the Sahara begins but then, if you pick Sahara bliss camel trekking excursions you can join the tour at Ourzazate or Marrakech and be driven all the way down to M’hamid for your rolling camel ride on the dunes leading to Erg Ezzahar. You could, of course, drive down to the edge of the desert and ride a camel for an hour or so but it is not the same as a day-long camel trek that takes you to Erg Ezzahar and then Sidi Naji where you can set up camp for the night.


That the owners of Sahara Bliss accompany the trek makes it all the more interesting but nomads serving as guides are even more important. They know the desert and camels. It is easy to get lost in the desert but not when you have a nomad to guide you and take you from one point to the other in time and by the shortest route. Nomad guides have spent almost all their lives in the desert and know it like the back of their hand. Besides, when you spend a whole day with the nomad guide you learn about their lives and customs too. He makes sure you are comfortable on the camel and if you choose to walk he is there to give you helpful hints. Your nomad guide is your lifeline. He takes care of setting up the tent, starting a fire and cooking the evening meal.


A four day camel trek Morocco based will take you to the ideal locations of the screaming dunes Erg Ezzahar, Sidi Naji shrine dedicated to the saint and then across a typical Hamada or a stony rock area and then to another area of beautiful sand dunes, Erg Smar.

Why camel trek for 2-3 days?

One day is just not sufficient to get into the rhythm. The first day on a camel can leave you with body aches due to the motion of the animal. However, the second and third days become more enjoyable. You begin to appreciate the vastness and desolate beauty of the dunes and be pleasantly surprised to find pockets of habitation. A leisurely camel trek gives you the chance to ride the camel, walk when you feel like it, stop to do a bit of sandboarding and then enjoy the carefree night under the stars eating nomadic food and roughing it out.

It is a good idea to cover yourself from head to foot to avoid effects of the sun and also carry protection against the cold nights. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Sahara Bliss could take you to Erg Chebbi if you wish to stay in a hotel and enjoy a brief camel ride but Erg Chigaga and Erg Ezzahar are more interesting as you will find.

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