Tips on What to Pack for Desert tours from Ouarzazate

There are several ways to start your Sahara desert tour in Morocco. You can fly into Marrakech or Ouarzazate and from this latter city get ready for a beautiful half-day-long drive through versatile landscapes to reach M’hamid or Merzouga, two popular places to enter the real Sahara desert. Before you set off on a two to five days Sahara tour, there are things you should know and pack accordingly. Be well prepared for a truly enjoyable tour through the magical Sahara.

Desert tours from Ouarzazate

  Things to know

  • Join the right tour operator like Sahara Bliss for desert tours from Ouarzazate. Your personal tour will be carefully composed according to your unique travel wishes by Aissam and Janna. They have fourteen years of experience in organizing truly magical tours for thousands of happy customers. They employ the best local guides who love to share the beauty of their country and culture with you. If you have any specific food preferences let them know so they can carry the most appropriate provisions for you.
  • If you plan to go trekking through the beautiful nature then it can be physically demanding so be sure to start in a good condition.
  • Have an environment-friendly attitude, so we can preserve the beautiful nature for our future generations.
  • Also during winter days it can be warm and sunny in the desert. The winter nights can be quite cold in the Sahara so you must know what to pack. Off course all tours include lots of cosy blankets to keep you warm during chilly nights.
Ouarzazate Desert Treks
Ouarzazate, the historic and famous backdrop

  What to pack

  • Clothes: Be sure to bring both light and airy clothes, like cotton full-sleeved shirts and trousers – and also more tough-durable trousers or loose fit jeans that will come in handy during your camel rides. The sun rays can be intense in the desert especially during your extended camel treks. Make sure to dress from head to toe to avoid sunburns. For the colder nights you might bring an extra jacket or wool sweater to keep you warm. Carry an extra scarf or wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from sand, wind and sun.
  • Shoes: Take along comfortable and durable canvas or leather shoes. And don’t forget to bring some extra socks to comfort your feet during hiking and climbing the desert dunes.
  • Sunscreen: Take along plenty of sunscreen with high SPF to prevent sunburns.
  • Medicine kit: Include some ointments for scrapes and bruises and anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic tablets. Just in case.
  • Wear dark polarized sunglasses and keep an extra pair of sunglasses handy.
  • Water: Your guide will advice you on how much water you need for the amount of days of the desert trip. It will be helpful to always have your own 2 liter water bottle with you in your backpack. Make sure to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water!
  • Foods and snacks: Food is included in all Sahara Bliss desert tours and taken care of by your personal guide. Still, you may like to pack in high energy and high protein stuff that does not spoil quickly like dates, dried figs, nuts and biscuits.
  • Electronics: If you bring along your electronics, make sure to also bring some spare batteries for your camera and other devices. A small solar panel charger might come handy in the desert. A small LED lantern is another good thing to carry along.
  • Ladies: Carry a small bag inside your backpack for your essential makeup stuff like moisturizer, sunscreen and lip salve.
  • Sleeping bag: Sahara Bliss provides the tents, mattresses, blankets and everything else you need for a good night sleep. If you prefer your own sleeping bag this might come in useful for extra warmth during the desert nights.
  • Toilet paper: Carry a small roll. It can be helpful in more ways than one.

Lastly, travel light with just one backpack you can carry with ease. Leave out all non-essentials especially when you go on camel treks in the desert. However, know that the desert treks include extra camels to carry your luggage and water so you can just enjoy the magical desert without heavy weight!

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