Sahara Bliss Camel Trekking Excursions

You have read about it. You have seen it in movies. A caravan of camels strung out on the dunes against the desert sky looks so romantic you feel like trying it out. You can. Join Sahara desert trekking tours organized by Aissam and Janna. Each is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in desert craft as well as in offering a rich experience for a magical time in the Sahara. Simply join their camel trek Morocco.


Erg Chebbi | Marrakech Tours to Sahara Desert

M’Hamid The Start Of The Sahara Camel Treks Arrive in M’Hamid, a small desert village 98 kilometers from Zagora to join the tour for your camel trekking excursions. M’Hamid is where the Sahara begins. You can drive in to this place from Ourzazate or from Marrakech and arrive in this village. You can join the tour at Ourzazate itself and have an enjoyable road trip. The real fun starts at M’Hamid. The village has a thriving population of Berbers, Hassani and drawa tribes scattered around the oasis. You can explore Nkhal and Sidi Naji in the company of guides drawn from these nomadic tribes and set up camp.


Erg Chebbi | Camel trekking excursion

Beautiful Days In The Desert:

Day drawns crisp and cool and today is when you explore the Hamada or rock desert on camel back. The swaying motion could remind you of the movement of a ship on the ocean. After a time you get used to it and eventually arrive at the Screaming Dunes known locally as erg Ezzahar. The sunset is a veritable feast for the eyes and another more solid tagine dinner awaits, prepared by your guides. On the way you get excellent information about this place from Aissam. You will be glad to stretch out and rest your aching bones so thoroughly shaken up by being on camelback for such a long time.


Erg Chebbi | Camel tours in Morocco

Sunsets and camping in the dunes

The next day takes you further into the desert to Ldhibate in Erg Smar, a scene that could be straight out of a science fiction movie. You know what it feels like to be in the vastness of the desert with nothing but dunes for miles. Were it not for expert guides it would be easy to get lost. Watch the sunset. It is a truly magnificent sight and a reward for your endurance. A hearty meal and stretching out under a canopy of stars is the perfect way to end the day.


Erg Chebbi | Morocco Sahara Desert Tours From Marrakech

All good things come to an end with the promise of more

The last day takes you to Bougarn which is dune country. The undulating almost red-brown sand dunes present a sight that is bound to leave you speechless. It is just too stunning for words. Just sit on a dune and watch the sun sink below the horizon casting interesting shadows across the dunes and then the sky turns crimson gold, a heavenly experience to cherish.  The next day will be relatively uneventful in comparison as you take a side trip to Lbour and retrace your steps to M’Hamid. The desert camel excursion is more than just a ride into the desert; it could be a journey of self discovery too provided you join the right camel tour organizer like SaharaBliss.

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Exciting Moroccan Sahara Desert Tours

The Sahara has its visitors so much beauty to offer. From dawn to sunset and from night to day the desert will surprise you each time with new pleasant views. One of the best ways to explore the Sahara is to start from Marrakech or Ouarzazate. This journey will be an experience to remember if you have the right tour organizer and guides by your side for the desert trip in Morocco.

Morocco Sahara Tour

Making each trip a memorable one

Your hosts Aissam and Janna are well known for their exciting Moroccan Sahara desert tours. Join them and each moment of the Sahara trip will be one to cherish. Your guide Aissam will be the friendliest, knowledgeable and helpful companion you will meet. His passion is to make every journey a memorable one to give his guests the most special travel experience. So if you travel with Sahara Bliss your Moroccan Sahara desert tours will definitely be an unforgettable and enjoyable time.

This is where the excitement starts:

A good way to start is to fly to Marrakech from where your personal guide picks you up. From here you drive across the High Atlas Mountains and over the Tizi n’Tichka pass for a visit to Ait Benhaddou, the most famous Kasbah or Ksar of Morocco and an UNESCO World Heritage site. Finally, you arrive at Ouarzazate. Depending on your schedule and wishes you can also choose to go directly to Ouarzazate and start your personal desert tour from here.

Everything is taken care of by your professional and friendly tour operator

Enjoy a good night’s rest before heading into the Sahara: wake up early, enjoy a hearty breakfast and join the waiting tour guide for the drive to Agdz and the Dra’a Valley. The drive takes you on an ancient caravan route all the way to Zagora with enough breaks in between to enjoy the breathtaking views of mountain landscapes transitioning into the desert. When you arrive at M’hamid you will see that this is where the real desert and sand dunes start.

Sahara Desert Tour Morocco

Enjoy the magic of the Sahara

Your camels are waiting to take you over the sand dunes deeper into the desert. Change your car seat for the back of the camel and enjoy the bumpy ride to the highest dune. Wherever you look, you are surrounded by a sea of sand with graceful dunes all around. Wait for magical moment of the sunset that paints the endless sand dunes with its golden light. This glorious sight will get even better as the crimson gold dusk gives way to inky blue darkness and the first stars appears above your head.

When you arrive at the bivouac with Nomad tents you will be warmly welcomed in the Erg Lihoudi dunes with a traditional tea ceremony. Enjoy the silence, sand and stars around you while a delicious meal from the rich local cuisine is being prepared for you. Enjoy the soundtrack of the desert through local music as a perfect way to end the day.

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech

Wake up to the glorious sunrise over the Sahara

The next morning around sunrise the desert air is still deliciously cool and crisp, just right for a breakfast and a trek through the dunes. Say goodbye to the camels to enjoy a drive through the “hammada” (stone desert) to Tamegroute to view the pottery works. Tamegroute pottery consists of a thousand shades of green, unique to this region. Maybe you would like to buy a souvenir? Your guide helps with the bargaining. Have a walk around the village to talk with the locals. Then it is time to go on to Kasbah Tamnougalt to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ancient Berber tribes. Afterwards, enjoy the drive over the Tizi-n-Tinfifite pass to Ouarzazate.

After finishing this adventurous journey it is not just the Saharan scenery that will stay with you. It is the way you have received treatment like a royal by your guides that will leave you with a warm glow inside and a lot of beautiful memories.